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Tie Rods


FMH AMETEK’s engineers optimize designs for each tie rod application, our skilled and adaptive shop floor technicians build precise custom tie rod assemblies, and our quality control group inspects and tests each product throughout.

The tie or strut rods are designed with a thread on both the left and right sides at each end.  A clevis is threaded onto each end of the rod and the assembly is drawn tight by turning the rod that is encased in a cover sleeve. A turnbuckle clevis-type rod is also a product FMH specializes in as rods are customizable to the needs of any commercial or military aircraft.

  • Overview +

    - Excellent performance in high-load, high-temperature, and high-vibration environments
    - Complete customization
    - Turnbuckle clevis available 
  • Application +

    • Weapons bay inboard door 
    • IRCM doors
    • Arresting Gear Door Safety Latch
    • Arresting Gear Door Aft Lock Assembly
    - Titanium and Aluminum

    - Ultimate Load: Tension= +1100 lbs Compression= -5100 lbs

  • Product Data Sheet Download +