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Ducts And Tubes

AMETEK FMH is a leading designer and manufacturer of Duct and Tube assemblies used in the transfer of air and fluid in such systems as Environmental Control, Bleed Air, Fuel, Hydraulic, and Exhaust applications. Made from radiographic standard tubes and incorporating our industry-leading flexible joints where needed, AMETEK FMH provides a wide range of high-quality assemblies ranging in diameter from 1/16” to 12” in ID and able to accommodate any pressure and temperature need seen throughout military, space and commercial aerospace applications. Our assemblies include complete systems, single and dual wall integration, and insulation to meet any required specifications.

  • Overview +

    - Components or systems including Ball Joints, Link Joints, Gimbal Joints, Flanges, Couplings and Seals
    - Insulated with sown blanket, stainless steel or molded pre-preg material
    - Single and dual wall integration

  • Application +

    Used in the conveyance of fluids, air and in load bearing
    • Airframe level:
    - ECS, Fuel, Hydraulic, Vent, Drain, Anti-Icing, Tie Rods
    • Engine level:
    - Bleed Air, Exhaust, Vent, Drain applications
    • System level:
    - Hydraulic Fluid, Fuel, Fill/Drain, Anti-Icing, Lubrication, Waste and Water

    Fully metallic, from Stainless Steel, Inconel, Titanium or Aluminum
    - Rolled and welded, bent, drop hammered, machined and pressure formed
    • May be seamless if required
    - Temperature ranges from -70°F to +1,300°F (-57°C to +704°C)
    - From 1-4 layers as needed
    - Size ranges from 1/16 “ – 12” ID (0.16cm–30.48cm)
    - May be combined with Bellows and Ball Joints to accommodate vibration

    - Custom designed to unique applications, including qualification testing, or built to print

    Pressure ranges up to 5,000psi in fluid, up to 16,000psi in air

    In ECS, Bleed Air, and system level applications throughout commercial, military and space platforms

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