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  • Flexible Metal Hoses

    AMETEK FMH provides a wide range of build-to-print and custom-designed flexible metal hose assemblies. Our all-metallic hose assemblies are made to endure high-pressure, high-temperature, and high-vibration environments. They are created from formed bellows, braid wire and machined fittings, with additional rigid tube sections as required. Diameters range from ¼” to 10” ID. Braid wire is Stainless or Inconel for most applications but can be produced using Titanium.

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  • Bellows

    AMETEK FMH manufactures a wide range of custom-designed bellows for use in the high-temperature, high-pressure, and high-vibration transfer of air and fluids. Bellows are formed from tubes manufactured to radiographic standards and then incorporated into braded metallic hose assemblies, flexible (ball and gimbal style) joints, in tube and duct assemblies, or are used in a variety of direct applications.

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  • Bleed Air Tube with Bellows
    Ducts And Tubes

    AMETEK FMH is a leading designer and manufacturer of Duct and Tube assemblies used in the transfer of air and fluid in such systems as Environmental Control, Bleed Air, Fuel, Hydraulic, and Exhaust applications. Made from radiographic standard tubes and incorporating our industry-leading flexible joints where needed, AMETEK FMH provides a wide range of high-quality assemblies ranging in diameter from 1/16” to 12” in ID and able to accommodate any pressure and temperature need seen throughout military, space and commercial aerospace applications.

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  • Sheet Metal Assemblies

    AMETEK FMH manufactures a variety of sheet metal assemblies such as accumulators, light aircraft structural pieces, drain and vent system components, delivery tubes, collector pans and enclosures incorporating tube and duct product. Creative modelling techniques are used to develop solutions to challenging applications and optimize cost and weight. AMETEK FMH’s in-house design and manufacturing capabilities - including forming, bending, welding and machining - allow us to meet customer requirements beyond hose, bellow and tube/duct product where needed.

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