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| Vertically Integrated Campus

  • 160 Colleagues
  • 85K sq ft
  • Design Engineering
  • Manufacturing
    • Forming
    • Bending
    • Machining
    • Welding
    • Braiding
    • Heat Treat
    • Final Assembly & Test
  • Tool Design & Manufacture
  • Customer Support
  • Program Management
  • Product Test and Qualification
  • Inspection
  • Procurement 

| Key Capabilities

  • Strong engineering and product pedigree for:
    • Bellows, Ducting, Flexible Metal Hoses and Sheet Metal components and assemblies
  • Specialist in meeting critical applications in Commercial, Military, Space and Industrial Gas Turbine markets
  • Including high temperature, high pressure and high vibration environments
  • Excellent reputation with customers for product performance and reliability, service and technical problem-solving

| Engineering and Design

The FMH Aerospace team manages the engineering and design process, from development to manufacturing introduction. 
We work closely with our customers to determine product and performance requirements, define specifications, and design or co-design each product.
We then analyze materials selection and testing, prepare stress analysis, compile test procedures, and perform failure analysis, to create complete tooling and testing rig designs to ensure production meets or exceeds customer specifications.
In most cases, we develop prototypes to validate product performance prior to manufacture.  Our unique testing and analysis tools and methods allow for optimized designs and products, with all tooling and test rigs designed and fabricated in-house for speed and precision.
Our technical strengths include bellows design; application specific assemblies optimizing weld joints, flex joints and contour; weld joint designs tailored to facilitate welding speed and quality; and braid design, using our in-house custom-built analytical tool. 

| Manufacturing

FMH Aerospace provides depth, strength and scale in manufacturing that is unparalleled in the aerospace industry. We are highly vertically integrated and strive to achieve world-class standards in all of our manufacturing processes. Our precision forming methods establish a strong foundation for developing reliable manufacturing steps to ensure our finished products meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • Advanced machining center includes 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC latches and mills
  • In-house tube manufacturing to radiographic standards
    • Tube bending technologies and techniques for bends up to 6 inch diameter 
  • Custom-developed bellows forming systems
  • Braiding production capabilities
  • Welding to Class A Aluminum at X-ray levels, if required
  • Capability to assemble products and systems from simple to highly complex, and ranging in size from small to as large as 50 feet

| Testing

The FMH Aerospace ensures that our manufactured components meet or exceed customer specifications with a variety of performance-specific testing procedures, including:
  • proof pressure
  • burst pressure
  • pressure impulse
  • pressure drop
  • helium leak
  • loads capacity
  • cycle fatigue
  • vibration
  • shock
  • endurance
  • thermal
  • cryogenic
  • bending moment
  • X-ray
  • dye penetrant testing

| Qualifications, Certifications and Accreditations

  • AS9100
  • NADCAP Welding
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Heat Treat