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AMETEK Aerospace  & Defense - The AMETEK Aerospace & Defense focuses on solving our customers’ most complex challenges by engineering and manufacturing reliable products & solutions for mission critical programs serving aerospace and military markets. Our tailored approach and product lifecycle support mitigates risk and ensures program success. FMH Aerospace is a business unit of the Aerospace & Defense division that specializes in complex, highly-engineered components and assemblies for the commercial aerospace, defense, space and industrial markets.

FMH Aerospace - At FMH Aerospace, we support our customers to the highest standards while evolving our capabilities with advances in technology and in the industries we serve. We have consistently been known for our speed, agility and flexibility in developing solutions for our customers, which to this day continues to be our primary business.

For more than 60 years, FMH has provided leading aerospace OEMs and Tier I suppliers with complex products and assemblies for use in very demanding commercial aerospace, military, space and industrial applications. Our products are used to facilitate the transfer of fluids and gases at extreme temperatures and pressures and in extremely demanding environments. FMH has an extensive history of providing unmatched manufacturing capabilities and superior customer service, which has created enduring business relationships across each of our end markets.


We place a lot of pride in our people. Our team is the best in the industry with deep expertise and knowledge of complex manufacturing processes. Their dedication to serving our customers by manufacturing to exceedingly high standards has established FMH Aerospace as an industry leader in the evolution and development of complex manufactured parts for the aerospace industry.

FMH began by serving the military marine market with conduit and fittings, and machined products. We later added bellows and hoses, which led to our market entry into space and aircraft. FMH worked on technology-leading platforms such as Atlas and Saturn rockets, the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, and a variety of U.S. rocket motors. The demand for mission critical parts with no redundancy in the space segment led to our expansion into additional markets such as oil and gas, and commercial and military aerospace. The extremely high standards we developed to serve the space industry became the backbone of our culture and business operations, and was a key factor to successfully entering these new markets. Today, FMH Aerospace continues to maintain extremely high standards to meet or exceed customer expectations.