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  • Commercial Airframes

    Ametek FMH provides air and fluid transfer product to major commercial aircraft OEM’s. Products include ECS ducting, bleed air ducting, fuel and hydraulic hose assemblies, accumulators, exhaust, and tubes/assemblies to support anti-ice, water, waste, drain and fire suppression systems.

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  • Engines

    Ametek FMH is a supplier directly to the engine OEM’s and to the engine build up suppliers. Our products include high temperature bleed air ducting, fuel and hydraulic lines/hoses, accumulators, drain lines, vent lines, tubing in support of fire suppression and lubrication systems.

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  • Military Platforms

    Ametek FMH provides a package of products to military airframe manufacturers to include high temperature and high-pressure bleed air ducting, ECS ducting, tube and hose assemblies, bellows, accumulators, fuel systems, structural tie rods, and specialized applications such as launch tubes.

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  • Helicopters

    Ametek FMH provides air and fluid conveyance products for both military and commercial helicopter manufacturers. Our products for this market include bleed air ducting, tube assemblies, bellows/seals, exhaust components, accumulators, hose assemblies and light structural components.

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  • Space (Manned And Unmanned)

    Ametek FMH has been a provider to launch engine manufacturers in the space market for decades. Products include fuel lines, liquid oxygen lines, vent and drain lines, and braided hose assemblies. Our history of performance in extreme environments translates into an ability to meet nearly any challenge.

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  • Industrial Gas Turbine (Engines)

    Ametek FMH provides primarily braided hose assemblies used as fuel lines for the IGT market. In addition, Ametek FMH supplies lubrication and fire suppression tubes and hose assemblies.

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